ITIL Training And The Courses That Are Available


In the world of Information Technology the curriculum is constantly changing along the technology itself. In order to stay cached up with the field adequate instructional courses are a must have for any company. Enter ITIL training courses, these are affordable courses offered both online and instructor led formats depending on the option that is decided upon.

There are many different courses that are offered. The certification courses available include; Cisco, CompTIA, Microsoft, Red Hat Linux and VMware. Being offered a range of courses will allow a company to pick and choose what programs they would like to purchase.

The Cisco courses that are offered train technicians allowing them to attempt to gain there Cisco certifications such as the CCENT Cisco Certified Entry Network Technician. The CCNA Cisco Certified Network Associate, The CCNP Cisco Certified Networking Professional and the CCNP Cisco Certified Networking Professional Security certifications. All of these certificates provide proof of a technicians knowledge when working with Cisco products.

In the area of ​​basic computer repair and networking essentials the most common certificates that can be obtained are the CompTIA A + and Network + certificates. The A + covers computer repair on a hardware and software level including hard drives, memory and motherboards. The Network + program covers the basics of networking such as TCP / IP and other basic networking functions including installation and maintain the network. A third certification offered is the CompTIA security this certification focuses on network and operational security along with cryptography.

The Microsoft certification courses that are offered include the MCITP Enterprise and Server Administrator certificates. The server certificates train technicians to successfully install and maintain Windows Server 2008. In addition to the server programs there are two desktop administrator programs offered that train technicians to administrator Windows 7 desktop.

Red Hat Linux is a very popular operating system in the IT world today. Linux is a command line based operating system similar to the old days of Microsoft DoS. A graphical user interface is also offered for administrating this type of installation. Two different certification courses are offered in order to get a technician up to speed and familiarized with the OS. The first is the RCHCSA Red Hat Certified System Administrator which covers the basics and intermediate information required to obtain the certification. The second course is for the coveted RHCE Red Had Certified Engineer the technicians that attend this course have previous real world and experience on a Linux network. The test that coincides with this certification is comparable to the CCIE that Cisco offers and is a highly recognized certification for IT professionals.

VMware is also a very popular tool that is used within the IT field. Having this tool enables a technician to create a virtual version of a network for testing purposes without affecting the live network. Two certification courses offered are the VCP Vmware Ceritified Professional this course covers the basics such as installation and maintenance. The VCAP Vmware advanced professional certification is designed to further a technicians knowledge of the VMware product by teaching advanced troubleshooting, management skills when working with the software.

ITIL training offers a wide range of techniques and styles depending on what the client is interested in. This company is a general one stop shopping store by offering instructional courses for certification in some of the top companies in the industry. As technology inevitably continues to advance so will the instructional courses that are necessary to stay up to date.


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