Is Linux Better Than Windows?


A never ending debate among computer users is the superior between Linux and Windows. The recent 20 year anniversary of Linux made this even much more debatable with many tech sites declaring how Linux has defeated Windows.

To compare Linux with Windows is like comparing two different philosophies especially when considering usefulness of each from a home user perspective. The very nature of Linux involves versatility ie a Linux user can be a programmer, a system administrator, a general user or all of them. "Every thing is a file" philosophy is visible here which means that the entire working under the hood of Linux is available to one and all so that anyone can make changes aka "open source".

Windows is what is called "closed source" which means Microsoft clearly wants different people to do their own thing ie user, system administrators and programmers are all different with each having a specific role to perform. It may come as a surprise to many but majority of Windows IT infrastructure is very secure and the preferred choice among many major corporates. This is no accident, as a company Microsoft is very security focused (gone are the buggy days of Windows 98) and strides to make it's products reliable. The growing penetration of Ubuntu / Linux Mint among regular home users is healthy competition for Microsoft as one can only expect better Windows versions to be released.

The major gripe that Windows user who wants to shift to Linux is that their Windows programs will no longer work. There is a workaround for this by using Windows emulator on Linux called Wine. Even then, it is advisable to either keep your PC dual boot (meaning you can use either Windows or Linux when it starts up) or keep a couple of different systems, one exclusively for Windows and other for Linux.

As a computer user (PC user specifically, not Mac), it is in one's best interest to have a healthy knowledge of both Microsoft Windows as well as Linux. Doing this will improve one's overall knowledge plus make a better PC user instead of just relying entirely on external tech support. Here our site provides Linux and Windows tips and tutorials and does not focus on just one of them.

Also, one general misconception of how computers are of limited use or less secure compared to their Apple counterparts is due to the simple reason that the major user base is of PCs (computers running Windows or Linux) and so more prone to security attacks.

To sum it up, in order to have a better insight as a PC user, it is best to know and use Windows and Linux both instead of being biased to only one of them. This will make your computing experience much more enjoyable and productive.


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