Interested in Buying an ASUS 700?



The first version of the ASUS EEE is the 700 series. There are 4 models and 2 operating systems so it is quite a mix.

What are the major features?

We have a sub-notebook PC with 7 "color screen, a microphone, and stereo speakers. The Surf models have either 2 GB or 4 GB hard disks but no web cam. The PC models have 4 GB or 8 GB hard disks and a built-in web cam.

The basic idea from ASUS is to provide a small PC as a mobile office and communication device. There is no CD or DVD drive. Any backup can be accomplished using an SD card or cards. It is more expensive than a PDA but it can do everything that a PDA and a portable PC can do. The limitation is the size of the solid-state disc drive. The disc drive is really an SD card fixed onto the chassis of the EEE.

The major selling point of the EEE and the reason for the name is its ease of use.

Easy three times

* Easy to learn
* Easy to work
* Easy to play

The games may be limited but there are six games available on the Linux operating system. The basic games available to a Windows XP user will be available when the XP system is loaded.

A word processor is provided. This is either OpenOffice for the Linux Operating system or Microsoft Works for the Windows XP.

Your choice of operating system will be determined not by what is available on the machine as standard but any software that you consider essential for your use. Adding software to a Linux system can either be very easy or be a job for an expert in Linux. There is no middle ground. If you look at the software that is available and can live with that, then stick with Linux, as the cut-down Windows XP version on this machine will be available for the foreseeable future, but Windows XP will cease to be produced in June of 2008. Reading in the computer press I have found that ASUS are in discussions with Microsoft about being able to use a cut-down version of Windows 7 on the EEE and similar machines but currently this operating system will not be available until at least 2009

Who will use the ASUS EEE 700 series?

I see three groups of people using this machine.

Businessmen wanting to keep in communication with their offices and not wanting to carry a full-weight portable. The ASUS EEE weighs less than 1 Kg and is far lighter than a portable. There are not many leads and extras to carry, only the power lead and maybe an adapter for the local power supply for where you are going.

Parents who want another computer that they can control. They do not want to have their latest machine taken over by the children as a games machine and so will use the EEE as a small machine that the kids do not want to use.

Small children who need to lean about computers but are not yet wise enough to treat a computer gently. This machine should be rugged and not get broken easily.

If in your business you want to cut down your weight while traveling then the ASUS EEE is for you. If your home needs to add an extra computer without taking all the remaining space then buy it for yourself and do not fight over the computers.

The ASUS EEE perhaps the easiest computer to buy and give a place to. That's why they all call it easy.


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