Install Linux on PS3 – How to Choose the Best OS


PlayStation3's are very powerful consoles, built with more power and speed than most modern computers. Computers are just now beginning to offer dual core processing as a standard feature, while the PS3 is packed with 8 processing cores; that's 4 times the standard amount in computers. The tricky part is making full use of this great power and converting your PlayStation into a supercomputer.

To make things much easier Sony built the PS3 knowing many people would install Linux on it. It's actually just as easy to install Linux on a PS3 as it is on a regular computer. No additional hardware is needed to install Linux on your PS3. The best thing about it is that all the content on your hard drive is kept when you install Linux.

This means all your previously installed music, games, videos, and other content are kept. Just like a regular computer you can opt to give your PS3 dual boot, which gives you the option of running either the PS3 regular operating system to play on, or run to Linux to do everything else on.

With so many different versions of Linux to choose from it could be a much harder decision to make when picking which version to install on your PS3. The problem is that most version of Linux does not support the PS3's 8 cores since most versions are made for home computers, and most home computers do not even come close to having 8 cores.

Yellow Dog Linux is one of the few versions of Linux that supports the PS3's cores. Yellow Dog Linux was specifically made for the PS3, and there are several advantages to using it on your PS3. For one, it was made just for PS3s so naturally it's going to function best on a PS3, and will support all of its feautres and hardware. This way you'll be getting the most out of your PS3. It even comes with all the normal programs in a home computer such as an internet browser and a word processor.

Unlike other products the PS3 was made with customization in mind. It's made for custom Operating Systems and installing Linux should be a snap, without the worry of breaking your console. On top of it all, you wont even void your warranty. PS3 Magic will do all this for you!


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