HP LaserJet 1000 – Ready to Go Right Out of the Box


For the last several years, HP has sat atop the printer mountain and ruled over everybody else. This sense of power had allowed them to charge whatever they wanted and the whole time saying that quality comes at a price. However, with the introduction of the LaserJet 1000 printer the playing field has been leveled.

There are pros and cons to this printer the one big pro are that it is ready to go out of the box. Just unpack the printer, connect to your machine and setup using the included CD-Rom. However, with the out of the box readiness there are some drawbacks. One of these drawbacks is that it will only work on a windows machine. Sorry Mac and Linux users you are left out of the cold again in this one.

The second con is that the printer connects to your machine via USB. If you have limited USB ports then more likely you will have to buy a hub to use the printer. The news is not all bad though.

One thing that HP has done is they have included several methods for product support. They have included a detailed user's guide along with a step-by-step guide for setup. In addition, they include a CD-Rom with videos that explain various printer errors. The design of the printer does show where

HP cut corners to save money. One example of this is in the fact that the front paper tray is not removable as it has been on other models in the past. The cover for the paper feed has a habit of popping off easily. This can lead to frustrating occurrences of having to put the cover back on regularly.

This printer is what is referred to as host-based. This means that the speed of your print times depends solely on the processing speed and memory available of your machine. For users that have a slower computer this can be as fun as watching the paint on their wall dry.

As far as print speed is concerned, the 1000 will do an adequate job. The print rate is around eight pages per minute. Compared to other comparable models this tends to be a little slow. The one place where they did not cut corners is on print quality while you may have to wait a little bit for your printed pages. In the end, it is well worth the wait.


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