How To Install Programs In Kubuntu, Linux Using Adept Manager


Installing Applications in Linux has Never Been Easier!

Adept Manager is a program that comes installed with Kubuntu Linux that allows you to manage installing and removing applications on your Linux system.

To use Adept Manager open the program from your "K Menu" under "System". Once you have the program open you can use the "Search" utility at the top of the Adept Manager to find the program you are looking for.

For our example let's install Firefox. Type "Firefox" into the "Search" field and Adept Manager will return several search results that have Firefox in the name or description.

Scroll down the list and look for the current version of Firefox. (At the time of this writing the two current versions of Firefox are 2.0 and 3.0) From the list let's select "firefox-2". We can tell that we are selecting the correct package by checking the package "Description" in the right side column.

Once you click on the package name a menu will open up. In the menu click the "Request Install" button. Now click the "Apply Changes" button at the top of Adept Manager.

Adept Manager will now install the selected software onto your system. You will see a prompt that displays the download status as Adept Manager downloads the needed files for installation. Once the files have been downloaded, Adept Manager will install the new software onto your system.

When Adept Manager has finished installing the new software you can locate the application through your K-Menu under the appropriate menu category. In this case, Firefox should be located under the "Internet" menu.

You have now successfully installed a new program in Linux. You can use Adept Manager to install a wide variety of programs for Linux if you are using Kubuntu.


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