How To Control The Way Linux Starts Up: GUI or Command Line Interface


If you were interested in learning linux, one of the main reasons was learning how to work using Linux Shell environment. That is the Command Line Interface (CLI).

How Did I know ?. It happened to me, and the most asked Question is how to access the Command line in Linux.

The trick is let Linux starts with the Linux shell is simple, If done during the installation.

After the installation is over, there might be a way which is Very complex and not intended for beginners or intermediate Linux users.

The good thing is that you can access the Linux Shell wherever your systems starts up with the GUI (graphical user interface) Or the Command Line Interface (CLI). I will
Explain this later in this article.

Depending on the preference of a users, some prefer their Linux operating system to start with GUI, and others want it to start up with the Command Line Interface.

If you need your computer to startup linux with the command line, you need to decide during the installation.

During the installation process, you will be prompted to choose
the options on starting your linux with the command line Interface, or the GUI (Graphic User Interface).

All what you do is click inside a circle that corresponds to the Command or the GUI, depending on which you prefer.

If after installation you found out that you ended up with an Option you do not want, Command line interface or GUI, you do not have to go through a reinstall or delete of
Your Linux Operating System.

Here is the solution:

Some users are under the impression that, if you installed GUI, you can not access the command line.

Others think, if they have the option of the Command Line Interface, you can not access the GUI.

The above two notions are wrong. It does not matter what king Of installation option you have, you can always access both (CLI and GUI) on you Linux Computer.

Here is how you do it:

1-If you are presented with the command line after Linux boots, And after you login and end up at the command line prompt, you Type:


The above command start up the GUI from the command line, and Get you in the Graphic GUI environment of Linux.

2. If you Linux computer start up with the GUI, and you are taken to the desktop environment, there is a way to access the Linux command line.

From your desktop, you can go trough the startup menu and choose the "TERMINAL", and this will let you access the Command line. You will end you with a windows with the
Command prompt from within the desktop.

In summary, accessing the command line interface or the GUI can both be done on your Linux computer, wether your system is Setup to start with the Shell interface or the GUI.

George Chamoun


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