How to Choose the Best Linux Version?


Also known as Linux distribution, Linux version is available in various ways and the users need to select the ones that are suitable for their needs. The selection is easy as long as the clients know what they need after they have carried out the research to guide them.

For those looking for versions that are user friendly, reliable and flexible Ubuntu Linux, Red Hat, Fedora, SuSE and Mandriva Linux are a good choice. Many first timers look for the distributions that are usually simple and easy to use. Some of them include the Lycoris, Xandros and Linspire. Slackware distribution is a good choice for those who want an OS that is simple, natural and stable; the only problem is that they will need to give up a little bit of convenience. For those who want to sample Linux but do not want to install a new OS, the CD based distributions are the ideal choice. Some of this includes Knoppix even though most of the distributions such as Ubuntu provide users this version.

There are a number of resources that one can use in finding out which type of Linux version is good for them. One of them is the Linux chooser which will require them to answer some questions and from the results, they will provide a list of recommended distributions. This is a good starting point for those users who do not know anything about the OS. It is also suitable for those who want to be helped in narrowing down the list of possibilities.

For those who know what they are looking for, checking out the Linux community will do them some good. They will interact with various types of users who will have an idea of ​​what distribution will work for them. These communities are available in various types of forums where users interact with each other and provide various types of information that may be useful to them. They are also a great place to go to when the users are having a problem with their distributions as it is one of the fastest and most reliable avenues for information. The other easy way of finding the best type of distribution is by trying them out. Many of them come with a live CD options and users need to test drive some of them in order to find the one to install permanently.


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