Dual Boot Operating Systems


General Introduction
You can install two or more than two operating systems on your single computer. This is called multiple booting or dual boot configurations. You can use this method to enhance your business work and security. Installing of Microsoft Windows XP and Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows and Linux, and Mac and windows XP are the examples of dual booting or multiple booting. This depends upon your machine.

Useful Tips
• Install each OS on different volumes or drives in computer.
• Make sure that file system is correct and boot volume is formatted.
• If you have only one volume, you must repartition and reformat your hard drive, so that each installation can retain its own files and configuration information.
• Microsoft Windows 95 or Windows 98 with Windows NT 4.0 or Windows 2000 can only be installed, if you have formatted your volumes as FAT (Not NTFS).
• Windows 95 and 98 can only be installed on the boot volume.
• Always check the file system carefully to install the right OS.
• If you are using Linux and Microsoft Windows together, you may find installed applications of the windows in Linux, but you will not be able to find or run installed applications of Linux in Microsoft

• Multiple Boot Systems are used to increase the security of the system in business firms. You can use Norton Internet Security like software for your system to make it secure.
• You should secure your data before installing two operating systems on your machine.
• You have to specify the default boot system for your use.
• Check the display list of operating systems to know about your installed OS. You can also specify the time for loading default OS.

Precautions and Problems
• Microsoft Windows 95 and 98 may change the hardware configuration. You must change your configuration according to your OS.
• Always install each OS on different partitions or volumes to avoid the problems and troubleshooting.
• Internet Explorer may cause problems.
• Configure your operating systems for your usage.
• If you find yourself unable to see the boot menu at starting of computer, reinstall your OS to recover this problem.


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