Drupal Hosting – How to Setup Your Drupal Website


As one of the most powerful open source CMS platforms on the market today, Drupal hosts sites including Recovery.gov. While Drupal can power major, international websites it is also flexible enough to provide independent and beginning web developers with a way to build quality sites.

Based upon an open source Linux installation, Drupal runs on mySQL and PHP. There is an active development community which continues to help with new releases, features (modules) and designs for the package.

The best part about Drupal is that it combines a variety of enterprise level features, such as social networking and multiple user collaboration, in an easy to install platform. With simple database-driven installation, you can get a Drupal website up and running in under an hour. While the setup process may be simple, the framework itself is capable of hosting powerful websites, including some of the top brands on the Internet today. No matter what type of project you're working on, the platform can provide a robust solution.

Drupal Website Hosting
You can host Drupal on any Linux based hosting platform, and the installation only requires PHP 4 (or 5) along with mySQL. By creating a database and user, you can begin customizing your Drupal site quickly. Many website hosts also allow automatic installation of the platform, which takes even less time.

The name means droplet in Dutch and stands for the creative ideas which can emerge from the platform. With the seventh full release of the platform, you can easily integrate features such as RSS fees, open logins and membership based features. Whether you want to build a custom site or get a project up and running quickly, Drupal is a great choice for your next site.

From a basic installation you can create custom modules that can turn your site into a news source, online store or community platform quickly. Working with the right web host can ensure you have enough space to grow your site as you see fit.


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