Different Kinds of Computer Forensics Tools


The computer forensics tools are so useful in our daily life to enhance the security of the computer based stored data. By using the computer forensics tools we can determine the security flaws in the computer system those decrease our computer based security. There is lot of tools of computer forensics that we can use in Windows and Linux based operating system to prevent these attacks. There are a lot of tools those can help us to control over the activities of computer based crimes. These description and features of these software are given below.

Different tools and Techniques

Live view software is best in the series of security in of computer forensics. It is a good source or utility that helps us to set virtual machine that exists in your current operating system without detecting the Workstation and VMware server tools. You can download it by using internet. Live View helps to us to create system investigation panel for safety of data of computer without disturbing the installed softwares of the current operating system. You can also use other software like VMware to create virtual machine disk (vmdk) to handle with latest versions of server machines.

Secondly the best software to control the computer forensics is HijackThis. This software handles the registry to remove errors and malware to keep registry clean and clear. Every time when you restart your computer this software use your default setting to restore the previous state of your data and windows installed files. This software is a kind of computer back up tools to restore the previous state of your computer.

Third trick, another tools of computer forensics is Openfile View, this tool usually available in Linux based operating system, not in windows based as default. In Linux you can use the lsof command by sampling in the UNIX mode. It enlists the all process and executable files those run on a particular computer, it may be offline or online process (closed process and continue process).

Forth one is Wireshark. By using this software, you can monitor the all network traffic while moves in and out of computer. It is totally based on network monitoring computer forensics tools.

At the end, Helix 3 helps us to perform Linux based forensics inquiry. It help us to examine the disk tools to know about the recent changing in the computer based files and application. It someone use our computer to perform some illegal tasks then this software help us about what is done in absence.


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