Differences Between Linux and Windows VPS


Once you have decided to use a VPS services for your business online, the next thing you need to choose is the server. Should you go for a Linux server or a Windows server? Both of these servers have their own advantages and disadvantages. The choice depends on customer’s requirements. The customer’s need is the only criterion of choosing a best VPS service for your system. Let’s discuss both the choices and leave the decision up to you.

Microsoft is the backbone of windows server. The compatibility of windows VPS server with other Microsoft applications makes it favourite among users. Some of the applications like ASP work only in windows.so if your work requires using applications like this windows is a better option. It is said that the control panel of windows VPS is much more user friendly than Linux. This however depends upon user’s comfort. Also windows VPS servers do not use open source applications; there is little opportunity for unauthorized manipulation of resources. But if you are on a hosted VPS server you need not worry about that in a Linux server as well.

On the other hand there are many benefits of using a Linux server as well. If your website is not formed yet, then it is more economical to use a Linux server. Linux servers do not ask for associated software or licensing cost like windows and therefore are much cheaper. Linux server allows an isolated environment as they might be sharing resources of the main server and still perform as a standalone server. This is not possible in windows servers. The use of resources is also much less in linux servers as compared to windows. Except for ASP and ASP.net applications other applications are handled by Linux servers as well as Windows servers. Therefore, as long as your work does not require ASP based application Linux is as good as Windows.

To conclude, only a user knows what is best for them and therefore it will be wiser to let him decide what is best for his requirements.


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