Considerations When Choosing a Dedicated Server


Operating System

The operating system or platform that you select will depend on your computing knowledge and expertise as well as the applications you will be using. The two most widely used operating systems are UNIX which includes the Solaris and Linux platforms and the Windows platform. Windows NT costs more but it is the most user friendly. Although UNIX is less expensive, you should have experience using this platform as it is more difficult to learn. It is important to choose a platform that you are familiar with so you will not have difficulties with using, managing, and implementing the applications.

Data Transfer Levels

In most cases, the host provider will allow you to choose your preferred data transfer levels which is normally provided in gigabytes per month. It is a good idea to purchase moderate levels of data transfer and you can then increase the data transfer levels as needed.

Data Backup

It is essential that you have good backup services, particularly if you have a site that is continuously updated. When choosing a dedicated server host, choose a provider that offers backup services. There may be a supplementary fee but protecting your data is very important to preventing permanent data loss.

Server Monitoring

It is vital that the server is monitored 24/7 to prevent disruptions in service. Make sure that your host provider implements optimal server monitoring such as every 5 minutes or so. As well, make sure the host can efficiently handle and resolve problems quickly.

Server Automation

It will make running the server much easier if the host dedicated server provider offers Web-based automation.

Different types of restricted servers include the Quad core, Dual core, 8 core, and Unmetered. Dedicated servers offer high performance, high availability, minimum downtime, dynamic scalability, and have proven to be a reliable server. A dedicated server meets the IT needs of all size business and organizations. When considering a server upgrade, consider the functions and features of a full encompassing set-up.


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