Compare Linux and Unix


There are many operating systems available in the market today. Two very similar operating system that we can find is the Linux and Unix systems. However, there is a big deal of knowledge for you to choose the one which is more suitable for you. A clear comparison must have been made in order to know which is more appropriate is.

If you have small or medium sized scale business, a Linux system is suitable for you. Bigger organizations are used in using the Unix system but there are signs of change where more and more is beginning to use Linux. Linux was not the ideal choice for large enterprises because it did not look like it could manage networking but this fact has taken a turn in recent years. This is possible with the introduction of better software from software developers. Not only that, Linux was also widely used in computing and web server operations. However, if you need to handle more complicated operations with more than one process or systems, Unix will prove to be a better choice.

Another thing that differentiates these 2 systems is their cost. There is also the issue of distribution to consider too. A Linux system is usually free because we can get it from open sources. However, there are some situations that require a one time payment like a sever addition. Being an open source, the distribution has experienced many changes because different distributors have different game plan. Current active distributors for the Linux that we often hear from are Fedora, Mandrake, Red Hat and SUSE. They are the front-runners. On the other hand, Unix has a higher cost because it is not an open source software. In the market today, a Unix server complete with hardware could cost around $ 25,000 up to $ 259,000. It could cost even more with high-ends servers with the completed package ranging from $ 500,000.

Popularity wise, Linux has been receiving more hype in recent years compared to all the other systems available in the market. Just by judging the number of Linux hosting solutions can provide enough prove of Linux's growing popularity. Even major Unix providers are trying to make their operating system more compatible with Linux systems. These companies are companies like IBM, HP and Sun. the only conclusion that we can make it Unix system is trying to integrate themselves to be more workable and similar to Linux systems.


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