Benefits of Linux on PS3


It is amazing that so many people still do not know that their very own PS3 is one of the worlds greatest super computers. Usually people do not realize because they only use it to play games. But with the power of the Linux Operating System your PS3 can be three times as powerful as your home computer. Even with the installation process of linux being easy as pie, a number of PS3 owners are hesitant to take the leap. Here is some benefits of installing Linux on your PS3

1. Once you install Linux on your PS3, you can play any file format including AVI, MPEG, MP3, WMA and especially anything else your home computer can play. This is important because natively, the PS3 cant play all file types.

2. The fact that most Linux distro's come pre-packaged with Mozilla Firefox is one of the best reasons to make the leap. Firefox is so much more powerful then your inbuilt PS3 browser.

3. Aswell as Firefox, you can install things like Open Office which will allow you to create, as well as print word documents from your PS3.

4. Ive touched on a couple of pieces software above. But literally anything you could install on your home Linux PC, you can install on your PS3.

5. You do not need to switch completely! Just because you want to run Linux on your PS3 does not mean you can never play games again. Your system will just become "dual-booted", and you will have an option on startup to boot into your choice of Linux or the standard PlayStation 3 OS.

6. You wont void your warranty. Sony intended for Linux Distributions to be installed on the PS3 and even commissioned Yellow Dog Linux to build a specialist version for the consoles release.

If none of the above can convince you. Then just let me say this. The PS3 has eight (Yes 8) CPU processor cores. Your PS3 is literally a super computer. Sony intended for Linux to be installed to harness the power of the console and it really is a waste to see all that power lay dormant.


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