Tips and Benefits of Working With PrestaShop Templates


PrestaShop shopping cart and using PrestaShop templates for building e-commerce stores has quickly gained many admirers. PrestaShop is a pretty impressive e-commerce shopping cart software.

The shopping cart is open sourced, light, fast and notable for the great variety of functions. Moreover, PrestaShop is proud of its intuitive interface and WYSIWYG editor making it easier to customize the layout and functionality of your shopping cart. Technicians may enjoy AJAX features, clean and flexible structure of the code. As for SEO opportunities it's possible to use Google Site-maps, URL rewriting for friendly URLs and meta tags. All this makes PrestaShop one of the most up-to-date and promising shopping carts.

PrestaShop templates are built using PHP and MySQL. One of the first things to pay attention at is the security level. Every store owner takes care about security so it's necessary to find out if the templates you are into are PCI DSS compliant. The other useful features would be an ability to integrate Google AdSense and a multi recipient contact form. Professional and user-friendly PrestaShop templates should be HTML / CSS validated, optimized for fast page loading, include jQuery for for dynamic effects and features and support all major browsers.

If you need to change the fonts try to avoid exotic fonts to make the content more functional and readable. Limit the number of fonts to the standard ones which will be displayed to all visitors in the same way. The preferable fonts are Arial, Verdana, Helvetica, Georgia, Tahoma, Roman Times News. PrestaShop offers the following fixed text sizes: 8px for small text, 10px / 12px for standard text, 14px for a sub-title, 18px for a title etc. But surely you can use custom text sizes to make some lines stand out.

Your major task is to present your brand and emphasize the richness and uniqueness of your products / services catalog. It's recommended to use the image of your store or its goods for the website header and logo. The header of your store should not exceed 250 pixels high, so that the visitors could see your catalog without scrolling the page.

While selecting PrestaShop themes, pay attention to the shopping cart version they are compatible with. The modern professional templates are compatible with PrestaShop 1.4.1. PrestaShop 1.4 is known for many new features compared to the version 1.3. These features include the ability to manage your cache settings directly from your admin panel. Since PrestaShop 1.4 has been released for public use you may easily download it from the official website The other helpful features of PrestaShop 1.4 that are worth being mentioned are one page checkout, guest checkout, cache settings from the backoffice etc. Its a quick and easy task to install PrestaShop website templates. When downloading PrestaShop themes from any template provider, consider if it are going to provide you with instructions on installing and editing the templates.

For those who would like to design and create the PrestaShop theme on their own some knowledge about the required pages and resolution would be handy:

  • PrestaShop themes require the creation of at least 10 pages which are home page, page category, my cart, identification, data-sheet, my account and inside pages, create account, payment, address and delivery pages

  • Screen resolution of 1024 x 768 is recommended since the width of your site should not exceed 980 pixels to be compatible


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