Seeking Virtual Assistance for the Conversion of PSD to Mod-X Conversion


In the wake of internet and modern technology, everything is available online. The online web portals are fully laden with sophisticated features and utilities that make use of cutting edge technology. Tired of updating and beautifying your online store? Mod-X is the most reliable and flexible solution that helps in the creation of professional website. In simple terms, It converts the PSD format files in to Mod-X based Themes / templates for the development of a visually appealing online web portal.

Mod-x is an advanced and novel web application for building customized websites enriched with multiple functionalities. This free web application acts as a complete online content management system most frequently used to publish and manage the dynamic web content. Online web portal developed by the conversion of PSD to Mod-X themes supports so many utilities and features like PHP 4.3.11, WYSIWYG rich text editors, jQuery, MooTools. The website will also be highly compatible with major web browsers and different operating systems.

Mod-X comes packed with many revolutionary features which will make you happy for so many reasons. It gives high priority to internal and external security minimizing the risks of threats. Every input is filtered and analyzed before processing. Mod-X gives full creative freedom for the developer to design the website to cater according to the requirements of the clients. It gives the administrators very detailed control over every aspect.

So, you too want to join the league of successful online businesses? It's possible to hire skilled web professional who deals in PSD to Mod-x conversion to create your web portal with high quality standard along with maximum utilization of resources. But before deciding upon the service provider you need to do a through check on various factors. Now it's possible to hire the developer on time basis. It can be full time, part time or even hourly basis. It depends on how fast you need your project should be complete and also depends on the allocated budget.

A skilled web programmer who deals in conversion of PSD to Mod-x template should be able to:

• Hand-code HTML / HTML / CSS strict mark-ups.
• Optimize web pages efficiently for quickly loading.
• Handle multiple browser optimizations of web pages.
• Solid knowledge of JavaScript, Photoshop, HTML / XHTML / CSS, PHP
• Setting up file structures
• Should be able to provide at least 3 or 4 references from the list of their clientele.
• Ensure the final delivery in compliance with standard browser and operating systems

If you are able to find a service provider for PSD to Mod-x conversion who satisfies most of the above mentioned conditions, then it's advisable to go for it. Hiring web developers for assistance is believed to cut down the overall cost of business operation to a great extend.


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