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OK, so this is the deal. Anyone who has ever ventured into the world of web design, whether a newbie, or a veteran, know just how difficult and tedious web design can be. And probably like so many others out there, I myself, struggling with programs such a NVU, Frontpage and so many others like them, began to dread web design. Well, I have some uplifting news for you my friend; there is light at the end of the tunnel, and it is called Adobe Dreamweaver CS4. This article is a Dreamweaver review, and will hopefully shed some light on the infamous web design world.

Adobe DreamweaverCS4 software is the one and only tool for web designers, application developers and visual designers of all levels. It is by far one of the industry's top leading web authoring tools on the market today. The new and improved layout tools bring you elite speed and ability to get the job done fast, all the way from your very first ideas to actually putting it in the clients hands. Enhanced coding functions make it a breeze to navigate through complex site pages at design time. Adobe DreamweaverCS4 is jammed packed with tons of new and exciting features that will make your web designing experience with Dreamweaver like no other.

Listed below are some of the new features that Dreamweaver CS4 offers:

1. Live View – Design your web pages under real-world browser conditions with the new Live View in Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 – while still retaining direct access to the code. Changes to the code are instantly reflected in the rendered display.

2. Adobe InContext Editing (Free preview) – Design your pages in Dreamweaver so end users can edit their web pages without help from you or additional software using the Adobe InContext Editing online service. As a Dreamweaver designer, you can limit changes to specific pages, distinct regions, and even custom formatting options.

3. Adobe Photoshop Smart Objects – Insert any Adobe Photoshop PSD document in Dreamweaver to create an image Smart Object tightly linked to the source file. Make changes to the source image, and update your image in Dreamweaver without opening Photoshop.

4. New user interface – Work faster and smarter across Adobe Creative Suite 4 components with a shared user interface design. Toggle quickly from one work environment to the next with the workspace switcher.

5. HTML data sets – Integrate the power of dynamic data into your web pages without the learning curve of mastering databases or XML coding. Spry Data Sets recognize content in a simple HTML table as an interactive data source.

6. Code hinting for Ajax and JavaScript frameworks – Write JavaScript more efficiently with improved support for JavaScript core objects and primitive data types. Put the extended coding functionality of Dreamweaver CS4 to work by incorporating popular JavaScript frameworks, including jQuery, Prototype, and Spry.

7. Related Files and Code Navigator – Click any included file shown in the Related Files bar to see both its source in Code view and the parent page in Design view. The new Code Navigator feature shows you the CSS source code that affects your current selection and allows you to access it quickly.

8. CSS best practices – Implement CSS best practices without writing code. Create new CSS rules in the Properties panel, and get clear, simple explanations of where each property fits in the cascade of styles.

These are just a few of the top new features of the Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 package. I hope that this Dreamweaver review was helpful to you and that you are excited to know that there is an easier, faster way of designing websites. Whether it be a freelance job, corporate job, or just your own personal website design; Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 will work for you. Trust me on this one, you definitely will not be disappointed.


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