Dot Net Programming: What’s Trending In The Market


What is Dot Net?

A highly popular programming language released by Microsoft, Dot Net continues to rock the IT industry ever since its inception almost a decade ago. Simply put, here we have a development framework that comprises of multiple modules, helping in creation Windows, Web as well as mobile applications. Dot Net programmers are in high demand and have witnessed a further surge over the past few years, mainly due to the evolution of smartphones.

the Latest Trends

Let us now take a look at some of the prevalent trends from around the world of Dot Net programming and development.


Microsoft looks upon Web API to be the future of all ASP.NET related development. The online world is fast headed towards a REST-based, simpler and lightweight service and this is further made possible by the use of Asp.NET MVC and Web API. It does not typically require the heavy lifting that is commonly associated with WCF. jQuery could be implemented for displaying results in front end of the pages as per documentation released by Microsoft.


With the focus of the software industry having shifted towards client side and web services development, Microsoft decided to launch a hybrid model known as DotNetNuke. This was done to enable developers to program using various modern web techniques while providing sufficient compatibility to the existing modules. It was later renamed as DNN EVOQ CONTENT which stands out as a robust and powerful CMS tool.

Dot Net POS

POS or Point Of Service was one region where.NET severely lagged behind its competitors. However, with the decision of Microsoft to release such a thing for.NET 1.14, all this is set to change. It is a class library that gives POS developers an opportunity to incorporate the Dot Net technologies in their final products. With POS being implemented, developing applications has become fairly simple. All one has to do now is to provide an Application programming Interface (API) that is built on top of the existing.NET Framework class libraries.

Dot Net Gets a New Portable Class Library

The development team has introduced a new Portable Class Library that helps in application development across a wide number of platforms. Provision is also made for sharing of libraries and code. Before, there was a license restriction that allowed PCL reference assemblies to be used only on Windows-based systems. However, with the recent release these assemblies may be incorporated in all operating systems. This allows better flexibility and freedom for the Dot Net programmers who can strive for greater innovations in the future.

SignalR- Everything Is Now Real-Time

SignalR is an innovative library that helps in the addition of real-time web features to all ASP.NET applications. This feature finds extensive usage in gaming applications wherein frequent server updates are imperative. With more applications moving on to a single-page model, real-time-web comes as a definite boon.


Over the last few years, Dot Net has undergone remarkable levels of development. While it might be a cliché to say that “Change is the only constant in the world” it seems as if the same holds true for this development framework. We see new updates and advancements coming out with an alarming regularity. As one of the most sought after programming languages in the world, Dot Net programmers are expected to be in for a highly bankable career in the near future.


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