Benefits Of Blackberry Apps Development


Mobile users are well aware of the benefits of mobile apps. They take advantage of these apps and make use of them to make life easy. Here we discuss some of the benefits of BlackBerry apps.

Blackberry apps development result in powerful new mobile apps and offer a lot of new innovative features. There is a lot of flexibility in BlackBerry app development in different platforms viz. JAVA, MDS, J2ME. Hundreds of mobile apps have already been developed which help greatly in improving an executive’s productivity.

Another useful ability is that of running apps in the background. A lot of development is taking place to enhance the features of blackberry handsets, in messaging, calendar and contacts. Blackberry apps have an ability to mesh with other platforms and apps.

Blackberry subscribers can synchronize data on their devices with their computer systems seamlessly and also, enterprise apps such as push e-mail and IM. Blackberry apps facilitate easy connectivity with ground level employees, hence, enhancing their productivity and efficiency.

Blackberry apps give the user, access to optimized and integrated apps developed using Blackberry tools, as also from other sources such as Adobe Flash and Adobe Air, HTML5 and JavaScript. Blackberry apps development helps the developer use a rich array of blackberry features like rich graphics, full multitasking, and advance processing.

The Blackberry web-works platform amply supports modern web frameworks such as Dojo, JQuery, PhoneGap and Sencha. It is in the process of adding full tooling support for native C/C++ development for the BlackBerry Playbook tablet over the passage of time. BlackBerry developers have also developed and won accolades for Eclipse-based native Integrated Development Environment (“IDE”). Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) app incorporates so many important apps like calendar, address – book, to-do-list, notes etc. that its development also eases seamless wireless integration and internet browsing facility.

Other features help in decision making process and real time information. It offers immense possibilities in real time marketing, operational efficiency, enterprise grade reliability, secure messaging and content presentation. Significant apps have been developed which offer access to on-device API’s enabling best-in-class integration with core BlackBerry apps and features (Super App). Developers are working on developing a range of advanced cloud-based services e.g. BlackBerry Payment, Advertising Services, location-based services, app analytics, and Push services.

There is a never ending list of benefits of BlackBerry applications. BlackBerry mobile users are well versed with them and utilize them to maximize returns.


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