A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words! Plug-Ins For Photo Sharing


Images are a very important part of your blog whether you use them in posts, on the home page or display them in a gallery. Photos often grab a person's attention well before they have even read the first title on your page. Developers know this and have created many wonderful plug-ins to make the process of uploading and displaying photos simple and easy.

Here are a few essential plug-ins that will help you view your photos and grab your readers attention without spending hours sizing and re-sizing photos.

WP Photo Album – This simple and easy plug-in allows you to quickly create a gallery to display your photos. This plug-in will display your photos professionally on your blog and give you the flexibility to move them as well as adjust thumbnails and full view of your photos.

jQuery Image Lazy Load WP – This plug-in helps reduce the load on your website by not loading pictures below the fold or further down the page until the visitor scrolls down the page. As a result, images on the top load quicker and it decreases the wait time for visitors. While this may not seem like a big deal, it will be to your readers who have a slow internet connections or are using mobile devices.

Featured Content Gallery – This plug-in allows you to view photos on your homepage that are linked to specific posts. The idea behind it is that the photos grab attention and causes the reader to click on the image. The plug-in can accommodate multiple photos and has customizable settings which allows the blog owner to control which posts are displayed, for how long, how the photos slide or fade in and out. This is an extremely popular plug-in that at first has a steep learning curve but then once you get the hang of it, it will quickly become a favorite feature of your site.

Dynamic Content Gallery – Very similar to the Featured Content Gallery. This plug-in has wonderful features and controls for the blog owner.

NextGEN Gallery – This fully integrated gallery for WordPress provides the blogger with an administrative panel which is easy to use and versatile. The plug-in is a favorite of amateur photographers for its ease of use and functionality.

Adding and displaying photographs and images is often an area of ​​frustration for bloggers. These plug-ins make the process easier and creates a way to elegantly display your favorite photos and images while creating a better experience for your blog readers.


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