You Can Build a Beautiful Website With Joomla!


You can build a beautiful, media-rich website, with little or no experience! If you have tried to create a website in the past and had to turn the project over to a web designer, things have really changed! New systems of website development have emerged that now make it possible for everyone to design and maintain amazing websites. You do not need Dreamweaver or learn any computer language! Best of all, the main engine to this new system, Joomla, is "open source" software, which means that it is free! You do not have to invest anything, other than your time, to give it a spin!

You have probably heard about this new kind of website. They are called "Content Management Systems" or CMS for short. What it means is that you no longer need to wait for some programmer to get around to making the changes and updates to your site, or pay the $ 100 / hour fees! You or your staff can make quick and easy updates, from where there is a computer with an internet connection. With Joomla, you do not even really need to get a web designer to build your initial site! If you have a few hours of time to invest in learning a few simple skills, you can build your beautiful new site in a very short time.

If you have tried Joomla in the past and brave up because it seemed too difficult, I have some great news! Things have really come a long way for Joomla over the last couple of years! Not only has the main Joomla engine seen a lot of improvements as it has progressed from version 1.5 to 2.5, many of the extensions that plug into Joomla have also made it a lot easier to do everything! With a little help from an internet instruction website, like Joomla Skills, you can very quickly learn how to build beautiful websites, without ever learning any computer language like HTML or CSS.

We have checked out some of the other Joomla training sites out there, as well as the many Joomla videos on You Tube. Some overload you with so much information that your head starts to swim! Others simply assume that you already know a lot, and leave out important little details, which can leave you stuck. Joomla Skills will lead you step by step from registering a domain name to customizing your new site with themes, graphics, images, articles, blogs, even video! Unlike the tutorials found on YouTube, Joomla Skills uses large screen video tutorials so that you are able to actually see the actions that are taken. The video training at Joomla Skills will take you through a simple, easy to follow, streamlined approach that will clearly explain every step that you need to take in order to go from an idea, to a full-blown website, broadcasting your stories to the world. Best of all, your completed website will be the kind that will be easy for any computer novice to make simple updates.

The instructor, Frank Spangler, does not come from a computer coding background. As a photographer and video producer, he is more of an artist than a "geek". As a result, he has a better understanding of what other artists or "regular people" need to understand, in order to learn Joomla. Having learned Joomla the hard way, spending days unlocking the mysteries that other instructors either skipped or glossed over, Spangler has designed a course that speaks to the rest of us, and finally makes building beautiful websites accessible to all.

The large screen video tutorials have been designed to work on most browsers and devices, including the iPad. The first nine lessons are free and will walk you through the initial stages you need to take to start a website, and give you a quick overview of Joomla. If you have ever wished that you could break free from the restrictions and costs of depending on an internet guru, here is your opportunity to become one yourself! Check it out at

Happy website building!


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