WordPress, Joomla (Open Source) As a CMS – Why Would not You?


In 2010 many SMEs want to be able to update their website themselves. In the earlier days of web design this was not possible without knowledge of HTML programming or spending a fortune on a content management system.

Nowadays, content management systems (CMS) are king. This post provides an argument as to why you should use a CMS and helps you choose which one. It is written from experience and reflects our opinions.

A CMS gives you, the customer, the ability to update the content on your website through easy to use forms. No editing code, just simply click a few buttons and you can add new pages, change the navigation and add text and images yourself. If you want to be able to update a website and not pay a developer to do it you need a CMS. They are also great for search engines.

Choosing a CMS

The first decision to make is do you use an open source (ie free) CMS like WordPress or Joomla or a proprietary one, built by a company. We've seen both and tested both. After everything a sales person will say about their proprietary CMS we have not seen one yet which meets the capabilities of the open source ones. What's more you pay for the privilege to use these 'sub-standard' systems.

Why open source is better

  • Being open source means anyone has access to the source code behind the CMS and can improve it. With the best developers all over the world doing this; thousands of users providing feedback every day and frequent new releases the products are improving all the time
  • Not only do you get the CMS for free, developers create plugins for the CMS. A plugin may be a tool to help with search engines or it could be an e-commerce module. This saves you time and money in development costs as you can download the plugins and literally plug them into your website to expand its capability
  • CMS platforms are built for search engines to read them, increasing your presence on search engines

If open source is for you, it's then time to choose a system. WordPress and Joomla are the market leaders however there are some others. We've used both WordPress and Joomla. We find WordPress easier to use and is great for blogging. Joomla is more complex but works well for larger websites. You'll have to do a bit of research to find out and what's best for your requirements but it's well worth it.

With CMS becoming the norm through their reach and affordability, building a website on a CMS platform should be a major consideration when building a new website. For more information or to discuss the options for your new website contact us today .


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