What Is Joomla?


Back in the day it was a challenge to have your own website. Completing your first webpage was a feeling not unlike doing your first oil change. Using your physical and mental muscles to complete what was a formidable task pumps adrenalin like few other experiences.

Now days nearly everyone has a website. Doctors, lawyers, preachers, teachers, school kids, and more. It's just a sign of the times. However, for those of us who are focused on building an Internet business, just having a website is not nearly enough. That's where a CMS AKA Content Management System comes into the picture. And that's what Joomla is all about.

One of the great things I've learned about Joomla is you can have a well written and sharp … fresh … professional looking webpage with the image of a business that paid over $ 1000 in web designer and web author fees to get the job done. Now, with Joomla, none of that is necessary. Do you have to be a web-master with skills up the kazoo? Absolutely not.

Content management is leading edge technology that has proven its worth for years. None of the heavy hitters from A to Z would bank the big bucks if content management systems did not exist. Here's the skinny.

Joomla is your friend and will soon, if you're really serious about growing a business, be your very best friend. I hasten to add, I am not trying to sell you on Joomla so you'll buy the system from me. It's not for sale!

Joomla represents a brand new application of open source code. This means you can use it without paying a dime for the system. You do not need to know what that means because there are dozens of forums with thousands of friendly folks waiting to answer your questions and get you up to speed.

All you do is download Joomla and it goes to work for you. You'll find templates that are easy to customize with just the look you want. You can add as many or as few bells and whistles as you please. The system is very user friendly and demos are abundant …. and super easy to understand.

Hopefully I've triggered your appetite for more. Just take a quick read of the rest of the story about Joomla.

Starting Out

Joomla is a brand new open source CMS that began its rise toward Internet supremacy in 2005. Following a steady course of development and expansion Joomla is now a primary system for literally thousands of developers and companies. Adding us neophytes to the mix makes this a system that is impacting the lives of millions of Internet businesses.

Currently there are three basic platforms of Joomla. The systems are simply identified as major, minor and maintenance.

Joomla is working in many different applications for as many different users. There are those who use it for personal pages. There are business web pages, newspapers, newsletters, magazines, Government portals and much much more.

Is It Very Popular?

Joomla now has more than 100,000 on its development team throughout the world. More than 40 languages ​​are supported and the numbers continue to explode.

Joomla has its own working groups, much Microsoft like, but different. Its main, core team has subgroups that work through a group leader for continuity. The infrastructure is simplistic and the processes are smoothly established to ensure stability.


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