What is JomSocial?


Everyday millions of people go online to participate in social networking. Through various websites and groups, people network to promote their businesses, stay in touch with family and communicate with friends. JomSocial is a social networking tool that gives everyone the opportunity to create their own unique interactive Joomla communities. With Joomla hosting you are on your way to creating a social network of your own.

JomSocial is Ajax-powered and offers a myriad of advanced social networking features to be completely engaging. If you have a Joomla hosting, add JomSocial to make your website more interesting and interactive for visitors and clients.

With JomSocial, social networkers can create, join and participate in all types of groups. Users can connect with other users through friend and buddy systems. Private messaging makes it easy to communicate with friends. Users can also upload and share their own photos. With robust API for third party integration, JomSocial offers a variety of ways to get connected and stay connected.

Staying updated is easy with JomSocial. Members can update their friends in real time through the JomSocial Activity Stream, Twitter posts and their own personal blogs. Photo albums make it easy to share special moments with friends, who can comment on them through a photo wall.

Groups are easy to create and join with Joomla hosting and JomSocial. Members can create and join as many or few groups as they choose. Group owners and members can create group discussions, post on group walls, subscribe to activity streams for the group and create special interest groups for a variety of different reasons.

Social networking with JomSocial also makes it simple to keep up with old friends and make new ones. Communication is enhanced because of the ability to exchange private messages between established connections.

JomSocial offers your visitors an opportunity to communicate, ask questions and discuss the latest industry issues. With the increased popularity of social networking, your business website becomes cutting edge when you add JomSocial to add another tier to the level of service provided to your valued clients.

JomSocial users are also impressed with what is has to offer. At the JomSocial website, Dixon Christie, a publisher and editor, stated, "A few weeks ago our technology manager showed me what Jom Social was capable of and our world was instantly rocked! Jom Social is amazing right out of the box, and with some sweet customizing, has replaced a number of different solutions that we were using and integrated well with our existing tools. Jom Social has become everything we ever needed in our Rock and Roll Community and it's expandable, cost effective and just plain awesome. I have no problem making high recommendations for publishers and designers alike; Jom Social is a major asset for any web community! "

Webpreneurs benefit by adding JomSocial to their websites. Joomla hosting makes it easy to update your web content and integrate JomSocial to offer additional benefits to your visitors. Thanks to the popularity of social networking, you will appreciate increased traffic and profits.


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