Use Joomla JCE to Power Charge User Permissions


One of the benefits of a site using a content management system (CMS) like Joomla is the ability of the average user to edit and create pages. Most platforms incorporate a WYSIWYG editor to make formatting text as easy as writing in a word processing program

A popular Joomla WYSIWYG editor is the Joomla Content Editor (JCE) component. Two of the most convenient features of the editor are the ability to upload, edit and rename images directly from the article editing screen and that it allows users to easily link to {existing | current} content on the site from the standard link utility.

One common feature of WYSIWYG editors on database driven web sites is that all but the most basic HTML tags are stripped out of the article. The purpose of this is to keep malicious code from being inserted and corrupting the database. While this is a necessary precaution if multiple people are submitting content, it can be extremely frustrating for webmasters who want to add a little extra something to their site.

If only one trusted person is maintaining a site, this restriction can be overly limiting. Additional plugins can be used in Joomla to work around this issue; however, an easier option is available by utilitizing the selective permissions feature in Joomla Content Editor (JCE.)

JCE Selective Permission

JCE can not only add style to the text of your content, it can also be used to extend the capability of your Joomla users. A standard Joomla installation has two main types of users, front end access and administrative users. Front end users are further defined by: registered users, authors, editors, and publishers. Available administrative user levels are managers, administrators, and super administrators.

JCE extends the functionality of the different types of Joomla users by restricting the use of the editor to specific groups, identifying which editor features can be used by each group and limit HTML tags that each group can use.

How to Configure Joomla Content Editor

In order to take full advantage of the functionality of JCE, there are two areas of the component to be configured. The first is the component's control panel. There are just a few settings in this area, basically if and when the editor will be displayed and if improperly formatted code should be cleaned up.

Unlike a number of other editors that set allowed HTML tags in the main configuration screen, this setting is set under the "Groups" option in the component menu for JCE. The "Groups" setting panel is where the real power of the editor is activated. A separate set of permissions can be specified for each Joomla user group.

Going back to the original problem where advanced HTML tags are stripped from the article content, higher level users (such as publishers, managers, and administrators) can be allowed to use tags that are restricted to other users. This multilevel group permission feature in Joomla Content Editor will make publishing content to your Joomla site much easier.


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