Some Information About Joomla CMS



To be short – Joomla is my favorite CMS system.

The main reason is that Joomla has so many both free and commercial modules, components, plugins, translations and templates and they still keep coming better and better as our world is full with smart and well educated Joomla developers.

But here I want to mention the biggest problem I see in Joomla – all those different and many times unfinished products and / or templates will kill your website in the fight for higher page ranking of Your Joomla site as if they contain mistakes – search engines will see that and will not put you in the first places of their suggestions of ones search.

Just to explain: search engines rate websites according to tons of parameters but the main ones are – backlinks from good websites, amount of daily traffic, loading speed of the web page and crawling system for their robots.

Sill I have great belief in the development of Joomla.

The most problem people complain about Joomla in forums is that system starts to experience problems when it has too many registered users. But I have to say that I have not experienced any problems of this concern with Joomla. And You will ask: "how can you know that?" My answer is my experience – I am running few portals and approx. 10 different websites based on Joomla.

tip: Activate SE Friendly URLs in Joomla before You start making any articles

Explanation: When You start making Joomla site there is 1 thing You have to do in the very beginning! In Joomla by default SE friendly URLs is not set as ON, and it needs to be changed. Activating it becomes important when the pages get dynamically generated on a site with data from a database. Joomla transforms such URLs to more SE readable and indexable URLs.

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