Next Generation (Next-G) Hosting – It's Time


Have you heard about Next-G Hosting? Find out about why smart business owners are making the move and why other small business owners and people like you should consider Next-G Hosting before going somewhere random to host your website.

Host Gator, GoDaddy and the like promise loads of space (1000 MB) and traffic (10,000 MB) for cheap prices with free extras – I know, I have been there myself. The truth is, (and to my surprise after speaking to insiders at one of the lucrative hosting firms) I have come to find out that not only is nobody ever using all that space, but some hosting companies may not even be providing you that Space because they know you will never use it.

Take for example, my standard website. I have close to about 50 pages of juicy content, containing images and forms, yet my site only takes up 10MB of space. That's a lot of wasted space and there's not very many people who would get any use of the exorbitant space they're paying for.

Most of these plans also come with "free" software to load onto your site. So first thing, how is the "free" software costly? The software extras provided by the large hosting companies are used to make their packages appear more attractive. And although they may be free to install, the truth is you'll spend a pretty penny keeping that software updated and adding any custom patches, fixes or add-ons to that. That's because if you want to tailor it (as it should be) to your business, guess who has to pay for that? That's right – you.

I add extra emphasis to the word "free" here because not only is the software costly, they're all disconnected which lead you to have multiple logins – leaving you to transfer things such as your customer information into each add-on that you install Over and over. That does not sound very free. What are some examples of these software? Joomla !, Wordpess, OS Commerce, Zen Cart – I've been through all of these and with a big price to pay. How many of you here are running these "free" applications and how many of you are spending quite a bit keeping them updated and patched? I'm sure a lot of you. And if you're not updating them with the latest patches which help patch vulnerabilities so your site is not being compromised – well then I would worry. Not only does your site carry the risk of a malicious attack and hacking like hundreds of others have been, but it's only a matter of time until yours does too. And when that happens, who do you call? Your hosting company? Your software programmer who implemented it? Or the software company who designed the software? From my experiences, they will pass you from one to the other because they've already made their money from you.

So what's a business owner to do? What option do we have? What should we be looking at if not space and bells and whistles and "free" wasteful extras?

The answer is VALUE. We should come to expect value; We should focus our goals on obtaining value from companies we are investing our valuable resources and data in.

What is Next-G Hosting? Next-G hosting not only offers the hosting environment for your website, but it also offers the web software to run your site and online business – as well as the trained technical staff to keep it all running and in sync. This can be for eCommerce sites or just regular sites. Not only is the software built for the Next-G servers, but it's also maintained 24/7 by technical support staff who are working around the clock to release new updates and stream software patches to your website and online business while you sleep. The entire solution is completely maintained so that if anything were to go wrong – you would know exactly who to call. So, leaving you more time to focus on things that you want to focus on like your business or perhaps starting that other business venture. Best of all, your online business grows as you do. When you're ready to add more features as your website grows, you can do that at a click of a button. No more communicating a programmer to find and implement a costly solution. And on top of that, every solution that runs on the Next-G solution are all meticulously tied in with each other and managed from one central console. No more juggling multiple logins and keeping various databases in sync. Now that's value.


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