Learning How to Change the "Site Offline" Screen in Joomla


There are many things that a Joomla developer may encounter that seem easy enough to do, but they really are not easily answered. As an example, changing the default logo and text for the "offline screen" on a Joomla website seems simple enough, but there are a few questions that need to be answered before you can change either of these. Questions like: where is the offline logo located on the server? How do I download the offline logo? How do I change the text on the offline screen?

The most important part of changing the offline logo and text, is finding where they raid on the server. To locate the logo, right-clicking on the image to get its properties is the easiest way to find out exactly where the graphic is on the server.

Now that you know where the logo is, using an FTP program, go to that location and download the original Joomla graphic. Now open up this graphic and replace the Joomla logo with your sites logo using a graphics program. Replace the graphic file in the same location on the server as the original logo. Make sure that the name of the graphic is exactly the same as the original. With your site offline, reload your front end site offline page. Your logo should replace the previous Joomla logo.

You will also need to find the place in the Joomla configuration settings to change the offline text message. To change the text. Go to the back end administrator area. Go to Site> Global Configuration and then to the Site tab. In the text box marked "Offline Message" put in the message you want to include. It is probably a good idea to include information about why your site is down and when you expect the website to be available. You can also include the site name in the box below. Hit "Save".

So, finding the answer to your Joomla offline screen problem is not as difficult as it may originally seem. You just need to find the best answer to your immediate problem as easily and quickly as possible. Learning where to look online can be half the problem, finding the right website can save you a lot of valuable time.


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