Learn How to Remove the Print, Email and PDF Icons From Joomla Articles


Most developers have encountered this problem, your client loves what you have done on the site you have built for him in Joomla, everything except one small thing. The client says "how difficult will it be to remove icons for printing, emailing or creating a pdf on the article pages?"

Of course, you being the resourceful person that you are say "No problem, I'll get right on it." Now comes the mad scramble to figure out how to remove icons from the articles. Do not fret, removing or changing the icons in Joomla is reliably easy and I'll walk you through the steps next.

The first thing you should know is that there are three different possible ways to change the icons. The first is to alter the preferences in the Joomla administration area so that all future articles will have the settings. Next, you will have to understand how to remove the icons from articles that have already been created. Finally, you may have a template that will override your Global Configuration settings so changing the preferences will have no effect, you will have to learn how to get around this.

Before I explain how to make these alterations, I want to point out that a few assumptions have been made regarding your Joomla knowledge. You will need to have Joomla installed on a server and you should understand how to access the administrator area and are familiar with it as well.

To remove the default icons on all future NEW articles and on the front page, log on to your administration area and go to the "Content" menu and choose "Article Manager". Click on "Parameters" on the upper right. If you choose "Hide" on the Icons radio button, only text representing the function (such as print) will show, the functionality will still be there, but no icons will appear. Some find this more explanatory for their visitors. If you want to remove the icons and text completely, click "Hide" on the radio button next to each icon for any or all three of the options which are: PDF Icon, Print Icon and the E-mail Icons. Click "Save".

To remove icons from an existing article, you will need to manually remove the icons from each item separately. To do this, go to the "Content" menu and choose "Article Manager" and locate the article you wish to change. Click on it to open it and go to "Parameters (Advanced)" on the right. The default will be set to "Use Global" you can now change these as described above and the click "Save".

As I mentioned previously, some templates will override global configuration so you may need to manually set the front page icons. To do this, go to Menus> Main Menu and click on "Home" – or whatever page is currently set to "Default". On the right click on "Parameters (Component)", you can now change the icons as described above and the click "Save".


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