Learn How to Find All Module Positions in Any Joomla Template


There are many great Joomla templates available, some are free, some require a subscription to the developers site and some are sold individually. Regardless of where you find your template, the available module positions are not always readily apparent.

As you can imagine, a good Joomla template developer will provide you with some form of graphical representation of the available module positions in their templates, but not always. Also, you may find a template you like, and can not locate which modules are available for your content. This article will explain in detail how to locate all of the available modules.

For this article, I will assume that you re familiar with the administration area of a Joomla website and know know how to access it. To begin, log on to the administrator area and go to the “Content Menu” then choose “Article Manager”. Click on “New” and give the title a unique name that you will easily remember such as “Module Placements” and save the article.

Now go to the “Menu” menu and choose “Main Menu”, under “Select Menu Item Type” choose “Articles” and then choose “Article Layout” and give the “Title” a unique name like “Module Placements”. Now, next to “Select Article” on the right, choose the article you just created and hit “Select” and click save.

Next go to the “Extensions Menu” and choose “Module Manager” and click on “New” then choose “Custom HTML”. Next, in the “Details” area on the left, go to the “Position” pop up menu and choose the first listing whatever it may be. Now make the Title the same name as the Position and put the position name in the “Custom Output” as well. Under “Menu Assignment” choose the article page created above and make sure that “Show Title” and “Enabled” are both set to “Yes” and click save.

Now you will have to repeat the above paragraph for all positions shown in the “positions” field. This will create modules with the name of the position for every available position in your template. After you have created a module for everything in the “positions” field, go to the front end and click on the “Module Placements” menu link to view all of the available module positions. You may notice that not every module position will show up in your article, this is because not every possible module position will be used in every template. This method will show you the module positions that you can add content to and which ones you can not.


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