Learn How to Clean Up Category Listings in Joomla


Joomla developers can come up against a lot of difficult problems when creating a site for a client. Some of these are easily solved, but many require a lot of research that may take hours of time. One type of difficult problem that arises often is the need to clean up the category lists that come standard in a new Joomla website.

This article will explain in detail how to remove any or all of the columns in category listings including: the header, the filter, the date, the "Display" drop down menu, the author name and the number of hits found in the category.

I am going to assume that you have a current version of Joomla already installed, you can access the administrator area of ​​your Joomla installation.

For these procedures, you will have to log on to the back end administration area and access the menu that leads to the category listing. Click on the category listing to edit it. Then use the following procedures to make each change:

To remove the headings – go to "Parameters (Basic)" then choose "Hide" for "Table Headings" and hit "Apply".

To remove the Filter – go to "Parameters (Basic)" and choose "Hide" for "Filter" and hit "Apply".

To remove the date – go to "Parameters (Basic)" and choose "Hide" for "Date Column" and hit "Apply".

To remove "Display #" and its drop down menu – go to "Parameters (Advanced)" and choose "Hide" for "Display Select" and hit "Apply".

To remove the author name – go to "Parameters (Component)" and then choose "Hide" for "Author Name" and hit "Apply".

To remove the number of hits – go to "Parameters (Component)" and then choose "Hide" for "Hits" and hit "Apply".


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