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Joomla is a very powerful web site design software tool. This program is an open source code, so there is no charge for acquiring and using the software. Now that, you must admit, is a tremendous deal. You will surely agree after you take some time and review Joomla.

It is almost unbelievable, if not ludicrous and irrational, that the developers of this software freely give it away. But, that is the impetus behind open source code- to share with the public. Truely a design to help empower those that do not have the financial wherewithal to acquire high end software and compete with large corporations.

Noting that Joomla is openly downloadable for public use or what is commonly referred to as shareware makes its professional design even more incredible. Creating a high quality software program is a major challenge for any corporate team of developers. Because Joomla was developed by a group of web designers and programmers outside of that corporate shadow, the group responsible for Joomla's development had few limitations on creativity. The melding of minds in the group resulted in a very powerful software program that is used by individuals and companies alike.

The Joomla Review "Core Team" members and hwy credentials at Http:// .

In my opinion, this is the best (no charge) web designing software available. Its popularity has brought other programmers to develop custom modules that can be loaded with Joomla for further enhancement. These enhancements make this already superb web site and design software that much more powerful and flexible.

Addons, or extensions as they are known in the Joomla comunity, are continually being developed and upgraded by programmers outside of the main core group. Typically when a new module is developed it will be made available to others at a reasonable price. Like the main program, the addons are suitable for small to large company web sites.

If you are concerned about support, there is a great many forums that you can read and review for tach issues. Of course, the best forum is the main community support system associated with the web site- In many cases, you do not have to make a post in the forum because it is likely your question has already been asked and answered.

There are more than a few joomla templates created by third parties. Please do not discount the fact that the templates were created by programmers other than the original joomla developers. You will find the templates extremely beneficial to your Joomla website devlopment needs. These are full website templates ready to load- including graphics.

Well, load it up and give it a spin. You may find that Joomla will replace all of your old website design software programs. For loading the program, you can check with your web hosting company. Many offer a preloaded script or tool that makes loading Joomla a five minute breeze.

Be patient when learning the many different settings and uses of the program. Sometimes the addon modules require a little extra time for installation. However, your overall experience with this mightily equipped program will no doubt be an impressive one.


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