Joomla Web Designing and Development: Trends That Shouldn’t Go Unnoticed by You


Developers and webmasters across the globe are aware of the reasons why Joomla has emerged as such a popular Content Management System today. They allow you to build sites very easily. You don’t really require complicated programming knowledge in order to work on this platform. It is backed by due extensibility and since there are so many developers across the globe working on this platform, you may find robust communities dedicated to Joomla as well. Being a part of these communities helps you reach out to peers for help if and when you are facing any problem. Today, we will be focusing on a string of trends that every Joomla developer should acquaint themselves with.

Joomla Web Designing and Development: A few emerging trends to watch out for

We are well on our way towards the end of 2016, and are eagerly waiting to find out about the most talked-about Joomla Web Designing and Development trends in 2017. Let’s find out!

The Increased Use of HTML5

Today, it doesn’t really matter whether your users are on mobile devices or on their desktops – they would want to derive information from anywhere and whenever they want to. HTML5 is the updated version of HTML and is tailored for the modern users only. As a brand, you have to ensure that you’re actually present everywhere- that you’re accessible from anywhere. This, in turn, will guarantee that your users are interested in your product. HTML5 will help you offer information in semantic markup.

The Rise of Flat Layouts

This particular layout rose into prominence in the year 2014-2015. 2017 is definitely going to mark the evolution of this particular style. A flat design refers to any type of web layout in which the components end up losing any stylistic character that make these components look like they have been lifted from somewhere.

Come 2017 (as the flat designs are evidently more evolved) we will definitely see these designs sans most of the outdated characteristics including bubbles, bizarre shadows and an over-the-top feel. Designer, today, are clearly more interested in delivering design elements that appear very smoothly on flat designs.

The Dominance of Responsive Layout

As we have already mentioned, your customers want to find their favorite products and services everywhere and at any time they want to. Having a mobile friendly website is absolutely important. Let us tell you that around 62% of the users will not recommend a site to his or her friends if it does not open as easily on mobile devices as on desktops. You might have heard about mobile responsiveness a lot of times but there still are many sites that are still not duly responsive. In 2017, these sites are likely to lose most of their traffic – since the frequency of the use of smartphones will only intensify in these years.

These are the most dominant Joomla web designing and development trends that are going to evolve in the days to come. Keep on learning more about them.


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