Joomla Tutorial – 3 Crucial Joomla Installation Tips for New Web Designers


You can make install Joomla quickly, easily and safely on your website if you do it properly.

Here is a list of 3 very important Joomla installation tips that will be very useful when you are ready.

1. Create a Joomla Installation Database: Unless you plan to install Joomla using Fantastico or similar tools, you will have to create a Joomla installation database. You will usually do this by opening the MySQL database creation and management area of your website’s hosting account. You will then create a database and a user to go with it. You will need these while installing Joomla.

2. Practice on a Real Domain: To learn to design Joomla websites would require some sort of of practice on your part. One smart thing to do will be to get some Joomla video tutorials or guides (depending on your preferred mode of learning) and then setup a website to practice on as you go through the tutorials. This way, you are able to apply what you are learning straightaway, make the inevitable mistakes and correct them in the same breath (by reviewing that part of the Joomla video tutorial or guide). Without a practice site setup, you may spend much more time and may even give up when you eventually start to build Joomla websites.

3. Keep Your Admin Login Details Safe: Also make sure that whatever username and password that you chose while you were installing Joomla are kept safely somewhere. You may write it down in a note on your phone, a piece of paper or on your computer. In any case, it is best to just select a username and password that are hard for others to guess but easier for you to remember. The safest place you can keep your Joomla login details is in your head (memorize it!).

While there are other measures you should seriously consider when installing Joomla on your website, these tips will just about be the most useful at this time.


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