Joomla Customization – Tailor the Design to Your Requirements


As technology has evolved, there are a host of ways available to a developer to build websites. Joomla is one of the most popular open source solutions for content management system. A large number of developers are using Joomla to weave websites and powerful online applications. And for tailoring the website design to ones requirements, there's Joomla customization.

What makes Joomla the choice CMS system? Foremost is the free availability of Joomla. Joomla is an open source software and anyone looking to build sturdy websites with little to no cost, will be amazed at the host of in-built features available by its use. Next comes the ease of use and extensibility. Check Joomla Extensions and one can find a large number of extensions that are readily available for use by website designers.

This process offers developers a chance to add all those features that are not already available in the ready-to-use Joomla extensions. It is like tailoring the website to what one wants his / her website to function as. With the world turning online to shop for its requirements, a large number of websites have to function as an online store that is open 24×7 and transacts on behalf of the entrepreneur. Many others would be happy with their website serving as a regular content platform. For all these diverse requirements, there's Joomla customization.

Because of customization, Joomla has become the base for creation of a diverse range of websites. Some of these include E-commerce websites or portals, websites of small businesses, online publications websites, corporate website or portals, websites of educational institutions, Government and NGO websites, and personal websites.

Joomla customization results into a robust website. The websites designed with this CMS are more SEO friendly and come inclusive of a SEF plugin. The admin space is more secure because of password protected areas. Overall Joomla comes as a full-fledged CMS package. However, Joomla is not free from its share of disadvantages. Although it offers a SEO friendly website design, it does not go beyond this. The loading times may be higher. Also the Javascript and CSS may get bulky.

After customization, the Joomla designed website will function greatly as the following:

1. Through Joomla customization, the website may serve as an online gateway for collecting and publishing articles. There are separate areas for authors where they can sign up and submit, edit and delete articles. Not only this, there can be added as many article parameters as one wants.

2. If you are planning to develop a database of all your contacts with a variety of ways by which to organize the details pertaining to each contact.

So if you have not yet decided what technology you are going to use for designing your website, Joomla will come out as a potent technology.


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