Is Joomla CMS Good Or Bad For SEO?


Many articles have been written for and against the use of Joomla and it’s effectiveness regarding Search Engine Optimization. It is one of the most popular and widely used Content Management Systems out there. Joomla can be Search Engine friendly more so than other content management systems provided it is handled by SEO experts with experience in optimizing Joomla pages. The fact is some of the best ranking sites on Google are those that run on popular CMS like Joomla and blogs.

So is Joomla, specifically, better for SEO than its traditional counterparts?

Well for one thing Joomla has built in SEO functionality. The SEO tab in Global Configuration (in Administration backend) takes care of global SEO settings for your Joomla site. You also have the ability to enable search engine friendly URLs. These URLs look like static sites for SE crawlers (which is good), and may be easier to memorize and more relevant to your human visitors. Additionally, keywords in URLs get you a higher ranking in the search engines. With all the plug ins available Joomla can be SEO friendly. There will always be a progression with search engine optimization friendliness in the future versions of Joomla.

SEO company Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click advertising is text based advertising on search engines or content networks which means that any webmaster can bid on a number of keywords that are related to their industry. This can be very effective if utilized correctly because it is instant exposure for any website.

Some advantages of Pay Per Click are that it takes 5 minutes to setup your campaign and you can have your ad displaying on the same day as you setup your account. You can easily monitor your clicks and your conversions with most pay per click software such as Google Ad Words. Another great benefit of Google ad words is that they allow webmasters to display their campaigns on their content network which means that your ad will not only show up on the search pages but also on other webmasters websites that are running Google Ad Sense on their website which leads to mare targeted ad placement which should return a higher conversion and click through ratio to your website.

Some disadvantages of pay per click are that it can be very costly and that most people do not even acknowledge the ads on the right hand side of the search engine while conducting a search. Also there is a factor of click fraud to be considered as well while doing pay per click. Who is to say that your competitors aren’t clicking on your account and costing you money for bogus hits to your website that you have to end up paying for.

It is said that Google and most other pay per click networks wont count multiple hits from the same IP but if someone is using an anonymous IP or a proxy that they can still click out your daily budget and cost you money for fake hits to your website.

In conclusion pay per click can be very effective especially when combined with organic optimization but I would be very careful when it comes to monitoring your hits and conversions. Obviously it isn’t worth the money if you are spending $1,000 per day and you are not getting a ROI (return on investment). If you are monitoring your campaign carefully daily and replacing non performing keywords and you are getting a ROI then it is obviously worth it. Point of the story is that it can be very effective for some and completely worthless for others so when considering using pay per click be aware of these factors and monitor your campaign very carefully in order to ensure you get the most out of it and your precious advertising dollars do not go to waste.


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