Installing Joomla With Softaculous


In hosting that uses Cpanel, there is a facility called Auto Software Installer to install the popular-sorfware including Joomla, WordPress, OS Commerce, ZenCart and many more. The most commonly used is Fantastico de luxe, but now there is a software Auto Installer which is powerful enough you can use that is the Softaculous.

I personally prefer using Softaculous than Fantastico de luxe, because I think it is more secure, because this software provides the facility for setting the database on the Table Prefix, so you do not need to set up manually. Table Prefix set up is required to provide defense against SQL injection. In addition to data bases Table Prefix set up, the software also provides facilities Database Name where you may set your own database name that you want to use, making it more unique and this can provide protection for your website site of action of burglary. The weakness is only in the password set up because it still set up automatically, in my opinion the user should have given his own choice to set the password by providing facilities to set password with a safe level.

Softaculous also perform installation faster if compared with Fantastico it takes only one step configuration and done, the software already installed and ready for you to use. There are about 60 to 150 (depending on the Softaculous version installed in your cpanel hosting) software script you can use.

With technology everything becomes easier and faster, let us all work utilizing these technologies. Keep up the good work !!


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