Inserting PDF Files Into Joomla Content


It is also difficult but sometimes is simple if we have understood the way to do it. The forum communities of web builder are forums you can share your problems and get the solution from other members. Also, you can get the update applications news, and many more. For you, who have problem in inserting Portable Document Format files into Joomla contents, here are some tips that may help you.PDF files are mostly used by people.

A PDF is not an 'image', but separate file type. However, it 'contains' images. Then, how to insert PDF files into Joomla contents? Some people make it simple and easier by exporting PDF files to other format, like html because it has smaller size. After that, you can insert them to Joomla. Also, you can upload PDF files to the directory in images using Media Manager which is commonly used, and then add a normal URL link and link them.

You must create the correct URL because this part sometimes makes us frustrating in Joomla. The correct URL creates correct link. However, you can check whether the link is right or not by opening up the homepage and entering image / foldername / pdf and see if Portable Document Format appears. Once the PDF appears, this is the right link. Moreover, since PDF contains pictures and documents, you can display it within wrapper. Create a wrapper and link to the PDF and use these extensions: "Jumi", "Component Includer", or "Soursere", that may help you. By following those tips your PDF files can be inserted in your Joomla.

You can try those steps. Make sure that your URL is correct and see the detail. It's better to check it every step that you have done those steps correctly, so you do not need to look for the part that make those steps do not work. Now, you can insert your PDF files in your Joomla with this Joomla PDF trick.


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