How to Use Joomla – 5 Skills You Do not Need for Building Websites With Joomla


While people may paint it to be even more complicated than it is, building websites with Joomla is actually very easy and uncomplicated if you understand how.

I will tell you what you need to succeed as a Joomla website designer. But first, here are some skills that you do not have to have.

But there's a little caveat: knowledge of any of these skills will make you more prepared than those who do not have them, but your success in designing and developing Joomla sites does not in any way mainly depend on them.

Here they are, in no particular order:

1. HTML: A working knowledge of the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) tags used to design websites is not required for you to be a Joomla web designer. But it does make life easier, especially when it comes to customizing some aspects of your website. However, if you can point, click and type, you can learn Joomla in a few days and begin to create your own sites in no time.

2. CSS: You are not required to be grounded in Cascading Style Sheets (known simply as CSS) to assist Joomla. CSS is a "formatting language" used to format the appearance of text, etc on web pages. All Joomla themes also come with a few CSS files that are responsible for formatting how your web pages ever look when loaded. Again, having a knowledge CSS makes life easier but is not required to be a Joomla web designer. There are many Joomla web designer out there who can not write a single line of CSS to save their lives, yet they are still very effective in creating, managing and setting up Joomla websites.

3. Javascript: Many websites use Javascript to make their pages more interactive and user friendly. But you do not need to learn or master to learn how to create Joomla websites. The Joomla CMS (content management system) is already loaded with many interactive features. Plus, you can download sleak add-on tools (known as Joomla extensions) to boost the interactivity of your Joomla website. There's no coding required on your part.

4. PHP: While this is widely used not only to create websites but to also develop the Joomla CMS itself, you do not need to be a PHP whiz kid to learn Joomla quickly and easily. Knowing PHP will make it easier for you to learn how to create Joomla extensions, but is not needed to learn Joomla web design and development itself. So, do not be afraid if you have never coded in PHP before. This is the reason why you need Joomla-to escape the complicated world of coding and just develop Joomla websites quickly and easily with the confidence of a master web designer.

5. Graphic Design: You do not need to know Photoshop, Paint or any of the other graphic design skills to learn how to design Joomla websites. It's a plus if you ever decide to create your own Joomla templates, but definitely not necessary to start out learning and creating Joomla websites.

While you may not need to learn a myriad of web programming, graphic design or other skills to be a skilled and successful Joomla web designer, you should never make your Joomla design and development learning cycle shorter and faster by getting the best and most comprehensive Joomla video tutorials available so that you can cut out the "geek talk" and techie "mumbo jumbo" and start learning Joomla quicker and easier than even those who considered themsel technocrats. (Fancy way of saying IT expert [aka 'geek']! :))


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