How to Publish an Article on Joomla


You have a list of options (icons). You choose Add new articles that will lead to Joomla editor.

Title – title of the article written with diacritics. Underneath it was Alias, completed only after the Apply or Save button is pressed. WARNING: If the title is accented after you gave the article to be amended Alias Apply for diacritics and not recognize them, so it will be replaced with normal letters without diacritical marks, otherwise it will be poorly indexed by Google.

Section – will be chosen category desired.

Published – will remain selected after preferences. (Refer to publication of the article – Y / N)

Front Page – will remain selected after preferences.

Category – select the category to which it belongs.

On the right side, there are 3 menus that you used 2.

Parameters – You select the author name. If you put an item to someone, you select either his name or Alias will go to Author’s name (if that is not in the list of authors)

In the Editor: Write the first paragraph and then adds a suggestive picture that is related to the article, before or after the text. Proceed to develop the other paragraphs.

Justify the text should be full (not centered in the middle, not right not left) and this should be done after all other changes are made (e.g. a paragraph) for any subsequent amendment to the text (and not If correct spelling) it will goes to Central and will be given full Justify again.

To add an icon picture in the article uses the Insert / Edit Image above is found in all editor options. The image will be linked and will have completed the required title, even the article title. If a picture is too large, it will be re-sized to Appearance keeping proportions.

The film icon is added using the Insert / Edit embedded media, which is publishing all the options above. The same applies with the link, but the icon is called the Insert / Edit link.

Check the article again after that so Apply option will save the article, or Save, feature article, but you will save you from it. To exit the article always yes Save and Close or Cancel. You will never close the window to the article and stuck it blocked only one that can access, others do not.

Finally, in order to delimit the text that appears on the front page, there is an option under the window where you wrote the article called: Read More. Above, if you start with a paragraph and continue with a picture, then it will put a picture and you click that mouse button. There will be delineation.


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