How to Install Joomla in an Easy Way


Joomla based website was been my first website I developed. What makes me choose joomla is that, it is easy to use and it is easy to install. You can also put different web applications to the site. But before you choose to install your software you should consider the hardware specification of your computer. You have to check if the latest version of Joomla will run on your system. If there's no problem with the hardware and software compatibility, you are now ready to install your Joomla software.

First you should have an installer of this software which you can download it free from different sites that supported this. It is much okay if you choose the newest version. Then you have to choose where to put your Joomla to your domain. The software that you have downloaded must be decompress to your chosen hard drive directory before uploading. Then, you should log in to your FTP client and put all your files in your chosen directory.

After the files are uploaded, create your database. Login to your MySQL then create a new database. Then, you should also create a user for your database. Create a username and you password. Now your database is finished. We are now ready to install our Joomla software.

Choose what browser to open. Then type in the url box the You will now see the initial page of your installation. Then try to click the next button. The software license agreement for Joomla will be the next page. You have to ready the agreement then select the accept checkbox button then click next again. Then, the configuration page will appear. You have to fill in the configuration for your database which we have created earlier. Usually the hostname is localhost. You have to fill in the box with the database name, password and username. The next site will just simple typing the name of your site and then choose the next button again. The next step will be confirming the URL, email, path and password. The final step will be following the instruction given to you, like removing the installation file in the directory. This ends the installation process for Joomla. You're now ready to create your own web site.


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