How Much is Joomla Hosting?


Joomla hosting can be really cheap; it all depends on who you choose as your hosting provider. Most hosting companies provide a monthly subscription and they also offer different plans that can suit the different customers' needs. Plans can also be customized to fit the more individual needs that a client may have.

Across the web, you will be able to locate numerous Joomla hosting companies. Each one is different and offers different services to their clients. One really needs to research these companies to find the right type of service and hosting that they personally need.

You can actually get Joomla hosting for as little as $ 3.95 per month and it comes with a wide variety of services and features like unlimited web space, unlimited site traffic, fast support response, 24/7 free service, Joomla installation, free Joomla software and much more. This is a great deal for those of you who are looking for these types of features.

Other hosting companies can be a little more expensive. Anywhere from $ 15 per month to $ 50 + depending on which service package you decide to buy. Companies can offer different service packages, such as silver, bronze, gold, platinum and more. Of course, with each higher package come more options and a high price.

Depending upon what package you opt to go with will also depend on the service available. Usually with the more expensive packages, you will receive 1000MB of storage, 50GB data transfer and multiple domains. The cheaper packages are typically along the lines of 500MB or storage, 30 GB data transfer and fewer domains (if not only one).

Companies may also charge a set up fee for the initial service. This fee is a onetime cost to you and is usually around $ 20; however, many companies do not charge you this fee and you can save money by going with the company who does not charge this unnecessary fee.

Usually there is a money back guarantee on the hosting service, so if you do not like it, you will always be able to cancel your account and switch to a different host, if not a different plan. With most hosting companies, you can on your administrator panel in 15 minutes or less and get started right away. There is a very short wait time. So, when you are ready to get started, so are they.

Visit Host Critic website to find a listing of Joomla hosts and for side by side comparisons. Just remember that there are way too many hosting companies available today, therefore all companies may not be listed. For those companies you will need to search the internet to determine whether they are right for you or not.

Finding a hosting company can actually be fairly easy. You could possibly even find one in your backyard; however, finding that right one that will suit your needs or that will work with you to suit your needs can be a little more difficult. You do have a variety of options, so go ahead and compare, the choice is yours.


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