How Good Is Joomla?


Joomla is riding an exploding wave of acceptance throughout the online world. This growing "family" of Joomla fans is a kind and helpful group with definitely fuels the popular program's acceptance. We're not only talking about techie types like developers and designers and such but mainstreamers as well.

For those who are savvy enough to work with the program and yet have questions related to this robust content management system, you'll find no shortage of forums. This helpful community is nearing a million strong and tends to focus on serving their fellow members needs in any way they can. Best of all the assistance does not cost a dime.

Developmental Enhancements

Joomla, like most expansionary programs, is releasing upgrades to its popular versions. Like Microsoft or any of the big guys, Joomla too must expand its range to meet the hungry demands of its users. Their versions are user friendly and creative at the same time. And the Internet community can't seem to get their hands on them fast enough.

The developer's teams are working with users and forum leaders in regard to the upgrades Joomla is considering and development. This is a smart play for the relatively new company and one that is expected to build strength into their expanding portfolio.

What's It Made Of?

Already becoming a familiar name, Joomla's components / modules are easily obtained and their use is relatively smooth, considering the youthful stage of the company's development. The aftermarket gurus are already on task with loads of hot new programs on tap. Being able to access free downloads or low priced options makes Joomla's expansion plan an almost certain blockbuster in the making. Website adaptability and functionality improvements make this a no-brainer.

Joomla Templates

Currently a host of templates are available for ease of website design options. The best loved feature of all is the savings realized because a web designer is not required. Forum feedback indicates the hot and up-to-date graphics and overall appearance of the site once Joomla is introduced is grabbing a huge and loyal client list. Ease of installation is only one of the raved about features.

And There Are More Benefits

  • This is an expandable non-geeky customer friendly simple program.
  • Those who like to author their own subjects, etc are more than pleased with the flexibility.
  • The search engines gobble this one up ….. regularly.


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