Hiding Your Joomla Administrator Folder Using JSecure Authentication


One weaknesses of open source CMS like Joomla is the administrator access which everyone can access it by typing yourdomain.com/administrator, and everyone can try to hack your site. Therefore you need to use additional Securities which is hiding your administrator folder. You can use httaccess but is a bit complicated, for those who want easy ways there are plug ins that you can take advantage of that is jSecure Authentication [http://www.Joomlaserviceprovider.com/extensions/file/view/5/8.html], initially plug is provided free of charge but later it is developed into version 2.0 and is not free anymore, and its developers decided to remove the free version, in the list of extensions on Joomla website itselft, the free version has been deleted, but the price offered for the version is $ 4.99 (for unlimeted domain) it is not too expensive compared to the benefit you will get.

After downloading the plug in, install it on your Joomla site. Then go to the management plug in, switch on the plug in it, and then do a little configuration, on the key type secret keywords for your site, such as ger189 (remember this the keywords) Then set the Redirect option mean when people who access the administrator folder without entering the secret keyword it will be redirected to your index page or create their own pages, just set it to redirect it to the index page.

Then save and try to log out. Close the browser and access your site again in the folder administrator yourdomain.com/administrator, if you set it up correctly, then you will be redirected to the index page, now your administrator folders are safe. Then how do you access the administrator folder of your site, very easy. Just type yourdomaincom/administrator/?the-secret-keyword, such as the earlier you set the with ger189, then when you want to access it is, you have to type the url: yourdomain.com/administrator/?ger189

Thus your Joomla website will be a little more secure, Keep up the good work.


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