Free Joomla Templates


Joomla templates define the layout and style of your website. They come in two different formats: front end templates and back end templates. Front end templates will define the layout and style of the side of the website that your visitors will see. Back end templates will define the layout and style of what the administrator, super administrator, editor and the alike will see when they log in to make upgrades and changes to the visitor side of the website.

You can acquire these programs templates in three different ways: write your own, buy them or find free templates to use. If you can write your own then great; however, it can be difficult if you do not know the HTML codes or the CSS codes. Buying them is OK; however, why buy them if you can get them for free?

You can find free designs all over the web for either version of the program. Siteground web hosting company claims to have the largest selection of free Joomla templates for 1.5 and new templates are released every week. Samples are available for you to look at. also offers a wide variety of free templates and extensions for the Joomla software. Again, you can find templates for both the versions of this software. Samples are available for you to look at. offers more free templates for both versions of the software. Again, samples are available for you to look at. At the present time, they have 224 free templates for the 1.0.X version and 103 free templates for the 1.5.X version. It may take you awhile to search through the templates to find the one that you want.

As you can see, there is a wide variety of Joomla templates available out there, on the web. All you have to do is search for them. Because Joomla is open source software, anyone can write an extension of the core functionality of the software. This is why there are so many different templates available. Anyone who understands and can write in HTML and CSS can create a template and the authors of the templates typically offer the templates for free, by download, on their websites.

There are actually websites that are dedicated to this subject. The designers can be different; therefore, the templates are not all written by the same person, giving the templates a different style and tone, as well as attitude.

If you do not want to have to pay for a design, like mentioned earlier, you can always write your own. Because of the language of the software, it is best if you know a little bit about it, as well as, HTML and CSS coding, or you could get lost easily in the process. There is software available that will assist you in writing your own templates, either they are back end templates or front end templates. So, the choice is yours. I'm sure you can find the layout and style that you are looking for; however, it may take a little time to find it.


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