Develop Mobile Friendly Website for Your Joomla Website


Many people have a Joomla site and most of them want to make it better. Not because it's a bad site but because there is always room to improve. One of the ways that people are finding to make their site better and more user friendly is to try and make it mobile friendly. Most people do not even know where to start when they want to make their site mobile friendly. Here is the quickest way for you to do this.

First you are going to want to login to your web host cPanel, then click on sub domains. Then you will need to enter PDA as a sub domain and the select domain from the domain drop down list. Then you want to repeat these steps and add iPhone, WAP, and iMode to the list. These are the four sub domains that Joomla Mobile requires. Then you need to register at the Joomla mobile website. Make sure that you go through the entire registration process and complete it. Do not forget to activate the link that is sent to your e-mail account. After you complete the registration process you will need to download the Mobile Joomla package, and then install the package. Make sure that you login to your Joomla administration then install. Then click the package that you want to upload and then click upload.

Then create a new menu the you want to select the module name while you are in module manager. Then you need to go to each menu and copy each of the link to you mobile menu. The key thing to remember is that you are not to touch the extensions and templates. This may seem like a very long and hard process but this is one of the things where it looks harder than it really is. Which actually makes it look more like you might not want to bother, but do not think this. This is a good idea that your site will more than likely benefit from and should not be overlooked. You should at least give it a try.


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