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If you like a nice websites for your company business that will rank first in a search engine, JOOMLA platform is the best decision to use. JOOMLA websites can perform faster unlike other websites developers. It is the work of expertise of JOOMLA to have a combination of knowledgeable components, plug-ins and modules to be more competitive websites in the web. It develops website structure, content, navigation, links, prospects and search engines.

The development of JOOMLA site is as follows: bring forecast to the website through a search engine office and search engine friendly design. And then, switch this to sales, clients or leads through a more manage capture techniques. JOOMLA work with the clients from the starts of the project until the completion to create a high performance sites that will help grow your company business.

Here are the steps in creating JOOMLA sites.

Part A. Cleaning Up the Items
1. Delete all the content items came from JOOMLA installation.
2. Delete categories or sections which you do not use.
3. Cleaning up the menu will minimize sub options from the menu bar. Sub options to be deleted are "other menu", options in "main menu" except Home and Contact Us, and News and Links in "top menu".
4. Modules should be un-published.

Part B. Creating Layout and Pages
1. Create section that will hold categories and vice versa.
2. Create the static pages. After creating, link the static page in the menu.
3. Create blog entries.
4. Create contact form.
5. Edit options in the news flash module. This will list the last number of the items from a category.

JOOMLA is designed for any user to install and set up easily in order to create new sites. Since it is so easy to run, anyone can build quickly sites for clients or personal need. Then with a minimal instruction, you can easily manage the sites.


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