Creating Joomla Membership Website


In case you want to create a membership site, you can use the freely available Joomla 1.5 along with its plug-ins and elements.

If you are a webmaster who has experienced limited bucks on your pocket, you can choose Joomla which proves to its users that it is an ideal, perfect and free tool to use online. An estimated 5,000,000 Joomla websites became the concrete evidence and testimony that Joomla is becoming the first or second choice of users every time they need to create their own website. Joomla is easy to use and to set up in which even if you not knowledgeable on computer programming, you can use this CMS with ease and convenience.

If you want to know why Joomla is considered as a powerful and well-supported CMS script, you can search through the Internet and you will be directed to the 5,150,00 users and websites. This fact is a manifestation that many individuals are now using Joomla when creating their personal or business sites.

Aside from being a free open source content management System (CMS), Joomla offers numerous elements you can use for free like website extensions, modules and plug-ins which are similar to other CMS like WordPress. If you know WordPress, there is no reason for you to learn Joomla.

With a combination of extensions, you can create Joomla membership sites free of charge. A little of your patience and creativity is needed.

The extensions and configurations you do to make membership site really matter in order to function with payment processing. By doing this, you are can make Joomla a powerful and functional electronic commerce membership website.

To begin creating your brand new membership site, you need to install the 1.5 version of Joomla. In case your web site host features cpanel, you can make a simple clicking of the smiley logo under the options with label software or services.

The 1.5 version of Joomla will appear on the left part of the Content Management. You can click the link and then follow the instructions on how to install it.

The next thing you do is to download the Account Expiration Control as well as the Plug-in and Component / Modules. After they were downloaded, unzipped the file and the elements and components you need to create a Joomla membership website will be provided.

Install the account expiration control or AEC, then hover you mouse to the Joomla admin and enable legacy. This plugin is located in the Extensions or Plugin Manager. You can do the installation of AEC Component by going to * Extension Install or Uninstall. *

In arranged order, please install the plugins such as AEC Use, AEC Error, AEC Access, and AEC Routing. Head over to the Plugin Manager and make sure that the plugins are below the Legacy plug-in by using the arrow down button. After that, click enable plug-ins. Go to options * Components, AEC Central, AEC Subscription Mgr, then under Settings and Hacks click Hacks and Commit Hacks, which can be found at the lower right of the monitor. After that, click this option * Extensions / Install * and select Install and download it.

Now refresh the page and see if everything works fine. If all is ok, your brand new Joomla membership is now successfully created.


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