Concrete 5 Is Better Than Joomla and Drupal Content Management Systems


Open Source Content Management Systems is the way to go these days to ensure your clients can update, manage and upload content themselves when it comes to their websites. I have been using Joomla for many years and until I recently discovered Concrete 5 I used to believe Joomla was the best. Concrete 5 is not just clients being able to change the content but the whole website itself by a few clicks of a button.

C5 (Concrete 5) Quick Look

Concrete 5 is very user friendly and this is so important when it comes to a CMS website so that the client can easily update content or add new content or even change the website in a whole. Even a 5 year old would be able to use this system. Its only the CSS theme that stays for the professional developer to edit or change.

o Very simplistic to edit pages with a on the page edit function. Clicking on the page areas where you want to edit or add content and seeing live how your edit affects the page.

o It has a very nice toolbar on top with various functions and shortcuts to make editing a breeze.

o The file manager makes it easy for searching and ordering files.

o Add-ons can be added directly through the site's automated development dashboard without coding problems or having to use long FTP operations.

o The supreme permission system gives much more control over what users can access what files, change or how they are used.

o If you get stuck you can easily click on the help icon and get live like help via a help console that comes up. You type in your question or keywords and answers pop-up with ease.

o It has a friendly URL function to make URLs SEF (Search Engine Friendly).

o It also has a WYSIWYG editor with spell checker.

o It also comes with the image editor integrated.

Concrete 5 comes with many built in blocks (add-ons) making it easy for the client or site builder to customize the site to his / her or business needs. Many of the add-ons are free and the ones that cost money is well worth the spending.

I would say the only thing C5 is missing is the amount of themes freely available, but I am sure this will grow with time as more and more developers take C5 to liking. Adding a favicon.ico is very easy I have to say, through the dashboard site-wide settings.

C5 also has a nifty stats function widget built in that comes up via the dashboard. It is easy to see visitors and more detailed stats and the performance of your website.

With C5 you have the best of both worlds when it comes to blogging and developing and I can only see the user-friendly menus as making it the best CMS platform out there with time and more development. You can built and run a great websites. And best of all even the site owner gets into the running and developing without having to be a professional web developer.

What make C5 even better than Drupal and Joomla:

Yes, concrete5 is Free and Open Source (FOSS) under the MIT software license. This license simply protects our liability and lets you do ANYTHING you want. The license is more permissive than the GPL license Drupal and Joomla use. We wanted everyone from a small business to a internet startup to be able to legally use concrete5 as a fundamental part of their business, as stated by

Joomla's and Drupal's Only Overhand

I believe that with Joomla's and Drupal's large number of community it will stay as the front leaders for a long time. Seeing that there are so many templates and extensions that are free it makes a bit impossible to win based on these two factors alone. But this is only when it comes to web developers as for clients it is very hard to understand the complexity of Joomla and Drupal without prior training or tutorials. If your client is not to much concerned when it comes to being able to easily update or change their own website then stay with Joomla or Drupal.

Like I said the variety of extensions are more at this stage of the race, but I believe C5 will sooner than later grow past these restrictions not that there are any seeing whatever website you can develop with Joomla or Drupal so you can with C5 even if its an e-commerce site, but with 3rd party apps and most are not free. C5 is working on this although for it to be integrated add-on but you will have to pay. But it will be worth it. You can read up on it here A solution to the eCommerce problem .

So I believe C5 is the wave of the future when it comes to CMS and if you're a CMS developer your clients are going to love you so much more if you have the C5 platform in place when it comes to having the client in mind .


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